Rome on a Budget, or Rome on a Spree?

Rome has something for everyone regardless of gender, socio-economic status, hairstyle, taste in music or preference in gelato receptacle. Whether you’re hawking that proverbial shoestring, or you’re looking to jumpstart the Italian economy through personal expenditure, there’s a side of Rome to fit your budget.

A visit to the Spooky Capuchin Crypt – Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins

Via Veneto’s macabre church, Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins, purposes a lasting meditation on death. Among the city’s ruins, reliquaries, crypts or catacombs, this place may prove to be the most potent momento mori in Rome. Here one finds the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin monks re-assembled as elaborate interior ornaments. In stark contrast to the Veneto’s glamorous reputation as a celebrity playground of smart, spacious cafes, this unforgettable Capuchin church reminds us, rather, to live more with the inevitable in mind.