Food and Drink

The most important thing for a true Italian-cuisine-oriented foodie? Pasta, and basta! If penne, tagliatelle, fusilli or farfalle is your thing, our selected list of must-visits is bound to help you make the most of your culinary adventure during your short stay in Rome.

The quest for the best pizza in the Eternal City

Isn’t pizza one of the main reasons you come to Rome for? Admit it, we all tend to think of pizza as the second most important wheel in the history of mankind, but when you arrive to the motherland of this amazing culinary invention, it’s easy to get lost amidst the mind-boggling selection of pizzerias. But fear not – below is a list of our picks to make your search easier.

Top 5 Streets in Rome

Rome is known as the eternal city and brings millions of tourists to visit the city’s amazing sites every year. On your way to these sites, there are fabulous streets where you can eat, drink, or just simply, sit and admire, while you take your photo shoots. As the famous saying states, “All roads lead to Rome”, let us then find the top 5 streets inside the Eternal City.

Top 5 Dishes of Rome

Welcome to Rome and its wonders! Through Rome, you can walk miles and miles and you will always find something new to visit or simply admire. But as the car needs fuel to run, our body needs delicious and nutritive food to enjoy the Eternal City. And what's best than do it with this top 5 dishes? Come and discover the gastronomic wonders of Rome!

Ro(a)ming in San Lorenzo

Although being located very close to the ancient heart of Rome (the Central Station marks the district’s south-western border), the picturesque neighborhood of San Lorenzo seems as a bit of an outsider on the map of the city. Its carefree appearance surprises with delightful charm and the elements of urban decoration make it a paradise for students, artists and all other kinds of free spirits. The positive vibes resound throughout the whole district and the characteristic traces of shabby chic paint a picture of freedom and joy that make easily up for what the surroundings may lack in terms of neatness. It is also where you will find dozens of inviting bars, pubs, cafés and clubs themed with eclecticism and open-mindedness. To put it in a nutshell, San Lorenzo is the spot to roam in Rome after dark and below you will find a short walkthrough through the most notable places to visit there.

La Grattachecca: experiencing Rome’s very own icy drink

Follow the famous shaved ice drink along the Tiber river and into Rome's most characteristic neighborhoods. A sophisticated way to cool off during the summer heat and enjoy a bit of Rome's culinary history.

Eataly: Rome’s Food and Drink Park

Explore Rome's hottest new attraction: Eataly. A culinary theme park with all-Italian foods and more. There are choices for all tastes: Drink an Italian IPA in the beer room, have fried prawns and white wine, have a Florentine steak and a glass of barolo, find the ultimate cook book, learn how to make pasta, etc, etc.