Where the Party’s At: Summer Events in Rome

Rome is Italy’s most populous city and arguably the origin of civilization as we know it. As you might expect, the city still celebrates an impressive bouquet of holidays and festivals. While visiting Rome you’ll want to embrace the unexpected (keep your eyes, ears, and nose open at all times) but here are a few things you might stumble upon while negotiating the cobblestones this summer.

The Eternal Business of Rome – Industry and Business

Rome, the capital of Italy, and a major city in the European scene, has a hand full of sectors which powers up its economy. From Tourism, the entry point of the economy, to industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, or to the beauty of Fashion, the Eternal City is a true tiger in economic terms. Let us find out what moves the Seven Hills.

The Gran Ballo di Ferragosto: Rome’s City-wide Party

By August 15th, average highs in Rome will have been above 30 degrees Celcius for two months (that’s 86 Farenheit, for my homeboys), and Romans are more than glad when Ferragosto, a truly unique holiday, finally signals the go-ahead to pile in their cars and leave the boiling city behind for a few weeks. But before leaving, they throw a massive citywide party that brings every woman, man, child and dog into the streets and squares, guaranteeing great memories for the weeks to come.

Rome, the Eternal City, is a place of astonishing landmarks, but also a city with remarkable history. Besides the glorious moments of the Roman Empire, in modern Italy, there is an event that marks the love to the nation of every Italian: the Republic Day, on June 2nd. In this day, 67 years ago, Italians had chosen Republic over Monarchy by universal suffrage. Since then, the day is marked for celebration in the Eternal city. Let us see what is going on this day!