Living in the youthful neighbourhood of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, a youthful neighborhood south east of Stazione Termini, yields up street art, working class values, a farmer’s market, quirky record shops, hip boutiques, delicious food and a strong night life. Here one finds a well-connected, spirited enclave suited for a week’s stay in one of Rome’s most artistically active settings.

Rome Breathes Football!

The City of Seven Hills do not have seven stadiums, but it has a hand full of history in sports and it shares its boundaries with two great teams in Italian and European scene: A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio. At the top of this, and to spice up their rivalry, both of them play in the arena: the Stadio Olimpico, a UEFA Elite Stadium, where besides football, there are other events such as rugby, athletics and concerts. Let us go and find out more about the teams and the stadium of Rome.

La Grattachecca: experiencing Rome’s very own icy drink

Follow the famous shaved ice drink along the Tiber river and into Rome's most characteristic neighborhoods. A sophisticated way to cool off during the summer heat and enjoy a bit of Rome's culinary history.

My Favorite Roman Musical Venues

Rome’s music scene, more often than not, happens beyond the historic center – more open to rooted residents than to new visitors. However, there are plenty of musical surprises to find across the city from trendy to traditional venues to especially imaginative street musicians. With some foresight, even those places furthest afield will be worth the effort to know.

Celebrating Cinema in Rome

Countless films have depended on Rome as a backdrop for narratives that just wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the world, and the city has borne and fostered some of the world’s most renowned filmmakers. Today, Rome celebrates the art of film through top-notch festivals catering to every audience and covering every genre, from blockbuster to avant-garde.

Rome on a Budget, or Rome on a Spree?

Rome has something for everyone regardless of gender, socio-economic status, hairstyle, taste in music or preference in gelato receptacle. Whether you’re hawking that proverbial shoestring, or you’re looking to jumpstart the Italian economy through personal expenditure, there’s a side of Rome to fit your budget.

Biking in Rome – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Rome certainly doesn’t have the reputation of a cyclist’s paradise, but don’t believe the hype—the Eternal City actually offers plenty of advantages for two-wheeled tourists. If you ride smart and stay safe you’ll find that cycling is the fastest and funnest way to get around Rome.