The quest for the best pizza in the Eternal City

Isn’t pizza one of the main reasons you come to Rome for? Admit it, we all tend to think of pizza as the second most important wheel in the history of mankind, but when you arrive to the motherland of this amazing culinary invention, it’s easy to get lost amidst the mind-boggling selection of pizzerias. But fear not – below is a list of our picks to make your search easier.

Christmas in Rome

Central Italy’s sunny climate may not conjure images of the ice rinks and snow-covered streets that we’ve come to associate with the holiday season, but Rome is arguably the original city of Christmas, having celebrated the first recorded mass in 1300 AD. Today’s Rome hasn’t lost the spirit, and you’ll find a myriad of ways to celebrate the holidays in the Eternal City, from 3,000 nativity scenes to midnight mass with the Pope.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rome

If you’re lucky enough to be in Rome for New Year’s Eve, get ready for the party of a lifetime. The entire city, from the Piazza del Popolo to the Colosseum, ignites in celebration, resulting in a fantastic and unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Top 5 Day Trips From Rome

Rome’s ever-bustling streets hold enough mystery and excitement to keep you as busy as you’d like to be, but on your next trip to the Eternal City try to make time for a day trip or two. From volcanoes to pristine beaches, from hilltop cathedrals to rustic palatial gardens, you’ll be surprised where you can go in a day.

Top 5 reasons to go to Rome

One of the dream destinations in Europe (even in the World) is Rome. Why? Rome is not only the capital of (the actual) Italy, but it was also the capital of the old Roman Empire. Last but not least, it's the capital of the Catholicism in the World. The combination of these three pillars makes Rome one of the biggest centers for Arts and History in the World. The beauty in each corner, in each restaurant, in each street, makes us never forget why we have chosen Rome to go for holidays.

Shopping in Rome

Rome, The Eternal City, is known for its magnificent archaeological sites, wonderful Italian food and its hip neighbourhoods. But Rome is also a fantastic city to shop ‘til drop. Milan might be known as the Italian capital of fashion but Rome has everything a traveller needs for a wonderful shopping trip, surrounded by charm, romance and history.

More about Shopping in Rome
A night out in the Eternal City

The grandeur and splendor of ancient architecture is only one face of Rome – the other is that of eternal fun, as expected of the Eternal City. While it is said the New York is the city that never sleeps, you can easily come back to that with a statement that Rome is a party that never ends. What makes Rome stand out in terms of nightlife in general is that the clubs don’t get going until well after midnight, so it should come as no wonder that parties can last much up to the late morning/early afternoon hours. This is a natural consequence of the usually long (if not longish) ‘before parties’ in the form of a dinner, where all the important decisions are made – where to go, where to park, who to call, etc. For an outsider this all might appear a bit odd and go on for, like, forever, but the Italians seem not to rush when it comes to good time – they know how to enjoy it, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and let the walkthrough below help you choose where you want to do it.

Where the Party’s At: Summer Events in Rome

Rome is Italy’s most populous city and arguably the origin of civilization as we know it. As you might expect, the city still celebrates an impressive bouquet of holidays and festivals. While visiting Rome you’ll want to embrace the unexpected (keep your eyes, ears, and nose open at all times) but here are a few things you might stumble upon while negotiating the cobblestones this summer.

The Gran Ballo di Ferragosto: Rome’s City-wide Party

By August 15th, average highs in Rome will have been above 30 degrees Celcius for two months (that’s 86 Farenheit, for my homeboys), and Romans are more than glad when Ferragosto, a truly unique holiday, finally signals the go-ahead to pile in their cars and leave the boiling city behind for a few weeks. But before leaving, they throw a massive citywide party that brings every woman, man, child and dog into the streets and squares, guaranteeing great memories for the weeks to come.

Rome’s largest yet often over-looked public park, Villa Doria Pamphili, contains a stunning, mid- 17th century palace surrounded by garden mazes, jogging trails, fabulous fountains, a superb grotto and pine lined views of Rome from atop the Janiculum hill. Staying near here readily balances urban outings with Rome’s more tranquil, rustic side.