Day Trips

Top 5 Day Trips From Rome

Rome’s ever-bustling streets hold enough mystery and excitement to keep you as busy as you’d like to be, but on your next trip to the Eternal City try to make time for a day trip or two. From volcanoes to pristine beaches, from hilltop cathedrals to rustic palatial gardens, you’ll be surprised where you can go in a day.

Trastevere Area, Rome – A delightful neighbourhood which oozes character, charm and energy

Positioned upon the west bank of the River Tiber and to the south of the Vatican City is Rome’s charming Trastevere area, a neighbourhood renowned for its authenticity and lively atmosphere. Amongst the narrow streets and medieval houses, you will find an impressive array of must see sights and attractions, all of which are definitely worthy of a visit.

The Down-low on the High Up: Rome’s Monte Mario

You won’t see snowcapped peaks towering above the Eternal City, but its foundation is anything but flat. The highest point in Rome is at the top of Monte Mario, which is Northwest of the center and can be easily reached on foot from Vatican City or by public transit. It’s the perfect place to find some peace and quiet above the city, grab some grub or some grappa, and enjoy the view.

Eataly: Rome’s Food and Drink Park

Explore Rome's hottest new attraction: Eataly. A culinary theme park with all-Italian foods and more. There are choices for all tastes: Drink an Italian IPA in the beer room, have fried prawns and white wine, have a Florentine steak and a glass of barolo, find the ultimate cook book, learn how to make pasta, etc, etc.