Ro(a)ming in San Lorenzo

Although being located very close to the ancient heart of Rome (the Central Station marks the district’s south-western border), the picturesque neighborhood of San Lorenzo seems as a bit of an outsider on the map of the city. Its carefree appearance surprises with delightful charm and the elements of urban decoration make it a paradise for students, artists and all other kinds of free spirits. The positive vibes resound throughout the whole district and the characteristic traces of shabby chic paint a picture of freedom and joy that make easily up for what the surroundings may lack in terms of neatness. It is also where you will find dozens of inviting bars, pubs, cafés and clubs themed with eclecticism and open-mindedness. To put it in a nutshell, San Lorenzo is the spot to roam in Rome after dark and below you will find a short walkthrough through the most notable places to visit there.

A night out in the Eternal City

The grandeur and splendor of ancient architecture is only one face of Rome – the other is that of eternal fun, as expected of the Eternal City. While it is said the New York is the city that never sleeps, you can easily come back to that with a statement that Rome is a party that never ends. What makes Rome stand out in terms of nightlife in general is that the clubs don’t get going until well after midnight, so it should come as no wonder that parties can last much up to the late morning/early afternoon hours. This is a natural consequence of the usually long (if not longish) ‘before parties’ in the form of a dinner, where all the important decisions are made – where to go, where to park, who to call, etc. For an outsider this all might appear a bit odd and go on for, like, forever, but the Italians seem not to rush when it comes to good time – they know how to enjoy it, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and let the walkthrough below help you choose where you want to do it.

Rome on a Budget, or Rome on a Spree?

Rome has something for everyone regardless of gender, socio-economic status, hairstyle, taste in music or preference in gelato receptacle. Whether you’re hawking that proverbial shoestring, or you’re looking to jumpstart the Italian economy through personal expenditure, there’s a side of Rome to fit your budget.