Christianity revisited – a grand reopening of the Catacombs of Priscilla

With a vast number of cultural treasures spread around the whole Eternal City, your short stay in Rome may need to change into a longer stay. However, we believe it’s all a matter of selection, and we’re here to help you make the most of your time in this wonderful city. And what better place to start than the astonishing and mysterious Catacombs of Priscilla reopened to the public?

Hand-made only! 5 must-see sculptures of Rome

Since Roman sculptures bear a close resemblance to those by ancient Greeks, their aesthetic and artistic qualities are considered indisputable and unsurpassable. After all, after so many centuries they still fail to amaze, leaving visitors of the Eternal City breathless, inspired and craving for more.

Where the Party’s At: Summer Events in Rome

Rome is Italy’s most populous city and arguably the origin of civilization as we know it. As you might expect, the city still celebrates an impressive bouquet of holidays and festivals. While visiting Rome you’ll want to embrace the unexpected (keep your eyes, ears, and nose open at all times) but here are a few things you might stumble upon while negotiating the cobblestones this summer.

The Gran Ballo di Ferragosto: Rome’s City-wide Party

By August 15th, average highs in Rome will have been above 30 degrees Celcius for two months (that’s 86 Farenheit, for my homeboys), and Romans are more than glad when Ferragosto, a truly unique holiday, finally signals the go-ahead to pile in their cars and leave the boiling city behind for a few weeks. But before leaving, they throw a massive citywide party that brings every woman, man, child and dog into the streets and squares, guaranteeing great memories for the weeks to come.

My Favorite Roman Musical Venues

Rome’s music scene, more often than not, happens beyond the historic center – more open to rooted residents than to new visitors. However, there are plenty of musical surprises to find across the city from trendy to traditional venues to especially imaginative street musicians. With some foresight, even those places furthest afield will be worth the effort to know.

Celebrating Cinema in Rome

Countless films have depended on Rome as a backdrop for narratives that just wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the world, and the city has borne and fostered some of the world’s most renowned filmmakers. Today, Rome celebrates the art of film through top-notch festivals catering to every audience and covering every genre, from blockbuster to avant-garde.

Beyond the Sistine Chapel: Contemporary Art in Rome

It’s been a while since Leonardo, Michelangelo and other legendary Ninja Turtles were swinging their brushes in Italy, but the art scene is very much alive and well in Rome. If you’re an art aficionado, shopping for a high-end souvenir, or just cruising for open-bar gallery parties, you’ll need to know where to start.

Piazza Navona – Seed the imagination with a healthy dose of architectural theatre.

An amble through the streets surrounding Piazza Navona seeds the imagination with a healthy dose of architectural theater. Forming a rough triangle between Ponte Cavour, Ponte Amedeo and Piazza Navona – I especially recommend our apartments in this area for those new to Rome. Being within the ancient city while also among sumptuous, Baroque palaces stimulates the mind to induce a cinematic feeling of living in a film. Here are some of my favorite alcoves that distinguish this neighborhood of heady grandeur.