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Getting Around Rome

Arriving in Rome is effortless and access to the city easy with many forms of transportation available. Once in the city, the best way to experience Rome is on foot even though it is not always a walker’s paradise. Arrive prepared to navigate over hard, uneven cobblestones, narrow sidewalks and in some occasions heavy vehicular traffic. When feet, your ankles and legs need a respite, other options may be less romantic but more useful. Rome transportation options include buses, city bikes, Segways, Vespas and trains. We at have assembled a practical overview for your reference.

Rome transportation fiumicino to termini
Rome transportation ciampino airport to termini
Rome by bus
Rome by metro
Rome by bike, rome by scooter

Fiumicino airport to Termini transportation options

Fiumicino - Termini transportation options

Fiumicino airport also known as Da Vinci International airport supports the majority of international flight arrivals. From Fiumicino there are many options to get to the centre or Rome. We describe the most convenient options to travel from Rome’s main airport Fiumicino to Termini (main railway station of Rome).

Leonardo Express

Provides non-stop and direct train access between Termini and Fiumicino airport. This is by far the fastest option to travel to Termini.

  • Train departs every 30 minutes, travel time 30 minutes
  • Ticket fare 14 euro

For transportation from Termini to Fiumicino, trains depart from platform 23 / 24.

Need to know: When you buy a train ticket in a ticket office or at a machine you need to validate your train ticket before boarding. Tickets bought online at are automatically validated.


A flexible option to travel to the centre of Rome is the use of a taxi.

  • The fare is about 50 euro (to Termini).
  • Expected travel time 45 minutes.

A 24-hour airport shuttle service is an economical option for two or more passengers. Call +39 06 420 134 69 or reserve a spot online

Shuttle buses

The most cost effective transportation option for Fiumicino – Termini is a  public shuttle bus. Tickets can be booked online via Terravision.

  • Ticket prices vary from 4 to 6 euro
  • Travel time about 55 minutes

Rome airport Fiumicino
Taxi rome
Rome Termini Station

Ciampino airport to Termini transportation options

Ciampino - Termini transportation options

Ciampino airport is a smaller airport used for most charter flights including Ryanair.

Shuttle buses

The most cost efficient option to travel from Ciampino to Termini is a public shuttle bus. Tickets can be booked online via Terravision.

  • Ticket prices vary from 4 to 8 euro
  • Travel time about 40 minutes


A good and flexible alternative from Ciampino airport to Termini is the use of a taxi.

  • The fare is about 30 euro.
  • Expected travel time 28 minutes.
Rome Termini Station
Taxi rome

Rome by bus

Rome bus transportation

Efficient urban movement. Rome’s city bus system and its useful web like routes offers an economical means of Rome transportation. Most bus service spans from 5:30 am to midnight, each day with a series of night buses offering limited service along route numbers prefaced by an “N.” Because there is presently no accurate, free official bus route map it may make sense to purchase mappa degli autobus from a newsstand. Or, simply locate the nearest fermata (bus stop) and figure out which route number(s) will take you where you wish to go. Some of the bus routes lines are express as indicated on the signs. Ideal for tourists is the system of small electric buses that weave throughout the streets of the centro storico (historic center).

Rome Termini Station

Rome by metro

Rome metro

Don’t count on the subway for efficient transportation because the coverage is limited. Rome’s underground or subway and both of its lines (the red “A” and the blue “B”) intersect at Termini railway station.It is however a fast transportation option and the main attractions such as the Colosseum, The Spanish Steps and the Vatican.

Metro colosseo Rome

Rome by bike or scooter

Rome by bike

Urban biking options. For those who are comfortable with biking in city traffic two options are available.

  1. The bike sharing system popular in several European cities is the most economical and for bike rentals of less than five hours, Rome bike sharing is the best deal. This city-run system has more than 20 bike rental locations throughout Rome. The self-serve kiosks make bright green bicycles available 24/7 days a week with the use of a smartcard. Select a bike from any rack; return it either to the same rack or to one at any of the other stations. There’s an iPhone app that displays the nearest bike sharing stand, the bike inventory, and the balance left on your smartcard. (Bike Sharing Service, tel: 06-57-003 or
  2. Renting a bike or scooter from a private company. This offers more variety and cost less for rentals of longer than a day. Three private bike rental outfits offer options for more serious bicyclists and they also offer scooter rentals.

Bike and Scooter rentals

Treno e Scooter. Located at Track 1 inside Stazione Termini, this company offers road bikes and scooters.

Bici e Baci. Bikes are usually cheaper than at the station however the scooters are a bit pricier. Located at Via del Viminale 5 or

Happy Rent.  This company rents bikes, Vespas, and vintage Italian mini-cars including an Alfa Romeo Spider and a popular favorite, the Fiat 500. You find them at Via Piave 49 or

Rome by scooter

Rome by Tuk Tuk

Explore Rome by electric Tuk Tuk

Green touring combining comfort with fun. Etuk Tours Rome offers the option to move around the city quickly, in a fun, private and ecological way. Popular areas for Tuk Tuk Tours include Piazza del Popolo, Centro Storico, and the Villa Borghese Park each allowing users to enjoy the charm and history of the “Eternal City” in less time than a classical walk. Still, there are many interesting tour options spanning from a 2-hour evening tour to a Rome in Day tour. It is an ideal way to share the city with friends or family.

Rome Tuk Tuk operators:

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