Top 5 reasons to go to Rome

Top 5 reasons to go to Rome

One of the dream destinations in Europe (even in the World) is Rome. Why? Rome is not only the capital of (the actual) Italy, but it was also the capital of the old Roman Empire. Last but not least, it’s the capital of the Catholicism in the World. The combination of these three pillars makes Rome one of the biggest centers for Art and History in the World. The beauty in each corner, in each restaurant, in each street, makes us never forget why we have chosen Rome to go for holidays. First suggestion is to stay in one of our Rome apartments, a better alternative to a hotel stay.

Reason nr 1: Freedom to walk anywhere

Forget public transportation, taxi or any other means of transportation in Rome. You are in the Eternal City, where in each corner you can find new sites to admire – starting from the cozy and beautiful streets, or nice restaurants and trottorias, or even hidden landmarks you didn’t realize the first time you have looked at the map. For these reasons, and because everything is in a reasonable range for walking, be free, be different, step out from your apartment and just walk, walk, till your legs ask for a rest. Little advice for you: don’t plan your journey in Rome extensively; wear very comfortable shoes; make some sandwiches for the day; and keep yourself hydrated.

Reason nr 2: Food & Beverage

Of course! You’re in Italy, which has one of the most famous, delicious and nutritive cuisines in the world. Besides the most typical Italian dishes you are probably used to, you have a lot of diversity of Roman dishes you can taste, and above all, enjoy. A good place would be “That’s amore” next to Fontana di Trevi (Via in Arcione 115). If you pass your time walking in Rome, another good advice for that afternoon break when your legs are asking for a little rest: go to a gelataria (ice cream place), grab a delicious ice cream, sit in a square and enjoy the atmosphere around you.

Reason nr 3: Vatican City

A visit to Rome is never complete without visiting the center of Catholicism on Earth: the Vatican City. Whether you are more interested in the basilica of San Peter, the fresco of Michael Angelo, or simply to be in the square of San Peter, Vatican is absolutely one of the top reasons to go to Rome! A little advice on this: reserve 2/3 hours for this as the queue to enter the Vatican is normally long. The earlier you go the less long you’ll likely have to wait; be aware of the schedules, as some sites inside the Vatican close around 4 pm; and send that once in a lifetime postcard from the Vatican Post Service.

Reason nr 4: Old Roman Empire

The old Roman Empire has influenced the culture in Europe, and the World, in a deep way, which is a reason why more than 20% of people in the world speak a Latin-based language. Rome is full of old roman landmarks which are open to the public. The most enigmatic is the Colisseum, where gladiators fought for their lives, making it a symbol of resistance and survival. The remains of the monuments of the old Roman City are spread in a small area, making it easy to visit. Best is to visit these landsmarks in the morning or afternoon.

Reason nr 5: Fontana di Trevi

Last but certainly not least is the Fontanta di Trevi, also known as the Trevi Fountain. According to the legend, by throwing a coin into the fountain you make sure you return to the Eternal City. And of course.. take the opportunity to take that memorable photo for your collection, admire the beauty of the fountain sculptures and above all make sure you throw your coin into the fountain and ensure your visit back to Rome!

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