Top 5 Dishes of Rome

Top 5 Dishes of Rome

Welcome to Rome and its wonders! Through Rome, you can walk miles and miles and you will always find something new to visit or simply admire. But as the car needs fuel to run, our body needs delicious and nutritive food to enjoy the Eternal City. And what’s best than do it with this top 5 dishes? Come and discover the gastronomic wonders of Rome!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara 

“I don’t need to go to Italy to eat Spaghetti, for god sake!” Indeed, this Roman dish is well known all over the world and many of us can cook somehow this delicious dish at our house. Obviously, the Roman version, or simply the traditional one, has nothing to do with what many of us are used to. Taking in example the cheese, what traditionally is pecorino or parmigiano cheese. To give the extra flavor, it contains guanciale or pancetta (cured pork), eggs and to spicy it up, black pepper. After, it starts the main difference. While the “fast-paced” or “lazy” spaghetti alla carbonara contains an extra sauce, typically cream sauce or béchamel sauce, the roman way lets the eggs and cheese hit the hot pasta and create a creamy sauce out of it, that fills each strand of spaghetti, resulting in the most famous and delicious dish of Roman gastronomy. Where? Almost in any restaurant in Rome, but a good recommendation goes for Trattoria da Danilo, in Via Pretarca, 13.

Bucatini all’Amatriciana

“The best of Italian cuisine”, you may hear sometimes. In the Eternal City, you can find this dish on almost every menu in roman restaurants. It’s beyond great, it’s phenomenal! Like carbonara, it’s made with guanciale (cured pork jowl). And of course: pasta! But not any kind of pasta, it has to be the bucatini one, even though in Amatriciana (the town that gives the name to this dish) they use spaghetti. Anyways, if you are in Rome and you decide to eat this dish, I recommend you to use a napkin or any sort of protection to your clothes, as this pasta requires a sort of skill to eat it in a clean way. The final touch goes for the cheese, pancetta, which makes this dish delicious yet tricky to eat. Where? Da Bucatino, in Via della Robia Luca, 84/86.

Cacio e Pepe (Pasta with Cheese and Pepper)

One of the simplest dishes you can eat and do by yourself. But make no mistakes, this wonder of gastronomy is delicious, and surprise, surprise, you can find it in almost every restaurant or trattoria in Rome. How is made? Simple: pasta, pecorino romano cheese and pepper. It’s the perfect dish for a quick and good lunch if you were walking all morning and want to fill up your body with those hydrocarbons for another pedestrian journey. Where? Everywhere, but the Romans highly recommend Ristorante Roma Sparita, in Piazza di Santa Cecila, 24.


Either you had a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner, if your stomach is asking for an icy sweet, don’t resist, you are in right place. All over the Eternal City, and literally – all over! – you can find delicious ice-cream of any kind of flavor – from the traditional ones of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, to the most fancy ones, like tiramisu or straciatella! Ask an ice cream – 2 flavors at least – and sit next to the Pantheon or Fontana di Trevi. An experience not to be missed for sure!


Once more, for sure you tasted different kinds of tiramisu, either in a restaurant or simply at home. But believe me, if you are in Italy, you should try a more traditional one. The origin of this dessert is not certain, but some say it was made in Venice for the first time. The rest, we all know. It’s made of ladyfingers, dipped in coffee with a mix of eggs and mascarpone cheese. On the top, my favorite: cocoa. When a slice of this dessert arrives to your mouth, it’s heaven on earth! Where? Everywhere in Italy, being Rome no exception!

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