The Eternal Business of Rome – Industry and Business

The Eternal Business of Rome – Industry and Business

Rome, the capital of Italy, and a major city in the European scene, has a hand full of sectors which powers up its economy. From Tourism, the entry point of the economy, to industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, or to the beauty of Fashion, the Eternal City is a true tiger in economic terms. Let us find out what moves the Seven Hills.

Rome is Rome. There is no experienced tourist, either in leisure or in business that does not know personally or by others the main sites in the Eternal City. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, not forgetting the Castel Sant’Angelo or the Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome has many wonders to discover and explore. But Rome, being the engine of Italy, has way more to find out. First, its population of around 2.8 millions, makes Rome the 5th most populated city in the European Union, after other capitals such as London, Berlin, Madrid and Athens. Economically speaking, and according to the Italian Census of 2006, Rome represents near 6.7% of the national GDP. Considering that Italy is the 3rd most powerful economy in the Eurozone, this is a very impressive dimension.

In the centre of this engine we have the archaeological sites, the museums, the basilicas, the churches, which bring millions of tourists every year to the city of Seven Hills.  Because of this, the Tourism Sector represents the majority of the services sector, which in total counts for 50% of Rome GDP. But Rome has way more to offer. Actually, not just Rome, but entire Italy: a country famous for having very respected and appreciated women, for their beauty and style. With no surprise, the Eternal City is a recognized world Fashion Capital – being the 4th most important centre worldwide, after Milan, New York and Paris.

In other hand, the Eternal City is also famous for its great Filming Industry. For the record, Rome is the home for the European “Hollywood” – Cinecittà Studios, the largest film and television production facility in Mainland Europe and the core of the Italian cinematographic productions. This facility has more than 5 thousand professionals, and already more than 3 thousand productions have been made here, including the epics “Ben-Hur” and “Cleopatra”.

Moving forward to big corporations, Rome hosts an important giant in Banking Industry – the UniCredit Group. This corporation has a considerable weight in the Italian and European Economy. Its total of assets represents near 930 billion Euros (in 2010), more than 9 times Rome GDP and around two thirds of the Italian one. We are not talking about small fish here. Everything in this bank is huge: more than 160 hundreds employees, with headquarters in Rome (registered office) and Milan (general management), operating in more than 10 countries, had three years ago a revenue of more than 26 billion Euros. The UniCredit headquarters are located in the EUR (Esposizione Universal Roma) Business District, a business and residential district, along with other important Italian and multinational companies. In the Oil and Gas Industry, we find another giant – Eni. This corporation is an Italian multinational oil and gas company, with numbers equally impressive. Almost 79 hundreds souls work for this organization and a net income of near 7 billion (2011 data) make this company Italy’s largest industrial group. It produces mainly petroleum, natural gas and energy, but it operates also in other fields such as nuclear power and mining. Worldwide, Eni is present in more than 70 countries distributed through the five continents. Eni headquarters are also located in the same district as UniCredit.

Last but no least, we find Enel (Ente Nazionale per l’energia Elettrica), an important Electric Utility company. This Italian corporation figures in the hall of fame of the European companies in this sector, being considered Europe’s third biggest power company by market value. Keep in mind, either you go in business or just spending those wonderful holidays, or even going to a conference or art event, Rome has an hand full of options to offer. And do not worry, all over the city, you can find countless apartments in Rome Apartments where you can rest your energy for a new day in the Eternal City. Enjoy Rome, Enjoy Yourself.