Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

Rome, The Eternal City, is known for its magnificent archaeological sites, wonderful Italian food and its hip neighbourhoods. But Rome is also a fantastic city to shop ‘til drop. Milan might be known as the Italian capital of fashion but Rome has everything a traveller needs for a wonderful shopping trip, surrounded by charm, romance and history.

Rome is not the cheapest of cities, but surely it has some of the best designer shops in Europe. One of the best things you can find in Rome are leather goods as well as decorative items, so keep an eye on our recommendations and enjoy the city’s shopping scene. Usually shops open between 9 and 10 am and most close at lunch time, opening again around 3.30pm. Check the specifications of each shopping area on their websites just to be sure you do not find yourself in front of your favourite shop… and it is closed!

Designer or Highstreet? The lovely Piazza di Spagna, which has some of the best boutiques in the city, is the place you need to go to if you are looking to invest in fine Italian design signed by Gucci, Valentino and Fendi among others. Via Borgognona will delight you with its arty windows full of gorgeous bags, dresses, suits and shoes to die for, as well. Lovely bars and cafes everywhere will make your shopping spree more bearable under the Roman sun while having a frappiato.

If Prada and Dolce and Gabbana are not labels within your budget, do as the Romans do, and shop in the many high street shops you will find in Rome. Via del Corso is a good place to start, as well as the side streets in the area. Italian lingerie at great prices at Intimissimi, Spanish fashion at Mango, modern menswear at Energie, casual women’s clothing at Stella Z and OVS for hip and modern pieces. Di Cori gloves Pelleteria is the place you need if you are searching for some fine leather items Made in Italy.

Via Cola di Rienso, close to the Vatican, has similar high street shops with a big plus: less tourists. So head there if you prefer to shop far from the crowd. Outlet stores in the city Italians love fashion and labels, so here are some tips on where Italians find the best designer fashion at reduced prices. Around Piazza Navona, and specifically on Via del Governo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II there are several showrooms and second hand stores that sell some very interesting items. At Antonella and Fabrizio, a multi-brand shop, you will discover items from Italian designers at very attractive prices and if second hand fashion is an appealing idea to you, Vestiti Usati Cinzia has some great pieces in good condition that will surely quench your thirst for designer goods. Gente, which has several shops across the city, is another multi-brand shop with lower prices in designer pieces. Gente can be found at Via Babuino and Via Frattina and their very popular outlet store is located on Cola di Rienzo.

Outside Rome, the well-known Castel Romano outlet has around 110 shops including all the big names in Italian fashion: La Perla lingerie, colourful Roberto Cavalli, the unique Dolce and Gabbana and shoes and bags by Salvatore Ferragamo. Do not miss it!


For those who love street markets, Rome has various options that surely will meet our traveller’s expectations.  Campo di Fiori, situated on the Piazza di Campo de Fiori, is a charming market in which you will find some delicious Italian products such as cold meats, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, as well as unique pieces of clothing, ideal for those looking for souvenirs for those back home. Campo di Fiori also prides itself in being the market with ‘the best fish in town’, so impossible to resist if you cannot wait to try some Italian delicacies.

The Porta Portese Market, located on Via Portuense and Via Ippolito, is the only market in town that opens on Sundays, usually until 2pm, offering a wide range of products from antiques to second hand clothing and even some probably- stolen designer items. Haggling is not uncommon here. Ideal if you are visiting the Trastevere neighbourhood and want to take a break and do some shopping. If looking for antiques and second hand clothing exclusively, the Eco Solidarity Market on Via Ostiense has quite a few items that might interest you. Not fancy, but worth a visit.

Would you like to cook your own Italian dishes on the fully equipped kitchens of our great apartments? Then head to Mercato di Testaccio where ultra-fresh meat and fish, superb vegetables and fruits and delicatessen products such as cheese and condiments can be found.  A treat for any ‘gourmet’ visiting the capital of Italy. On Piazza Testaccio.

Do not forget that January and July are sales months, with huge discounts up to 70%! Enjoy Rome and take a long-deserved rest in our lovely apartments after a long day shopping in the Eternal City. Ciao!

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