Ro(a)ming in San Lorenzo

Ro(a)ming in San Lorenzo

Although being located very close to the ancient heart of Rome (the Central Station marks the district’s south-western border), the picturesque neighborhood of San Lorenzo seems as a bit of an outsider on the map of the city. Its carefree appearance surprises with delightful charm and the elements of urban decoration make it a paradise for students, artists and all other kinds of free spirits. The positive vibes resound throughout the whole district and the characteristic traces of shabby chic paint a picture of freedom and joy that make easily up for what the surroundings may lack in terms of neatness. It is also where you will find dozens of inviting bars, pubs, cafés and clubs themed with eclecticism and open-mindedness. To put it in a nutshell, San Lorenzo is the spot to roam in Rome after dark and below you will find a short walkthrough through the most notable places to visit there.


You will be surprised with the number of fine eating establishments you will find among all these graffiti-covered walls. To start with, is a visit to Rome complete without an original pizza? Of course not! Luckily for you, on Via degli Equi 13 you will find a place called Formula Uno, which is at the very top of the list of the best pizzerias in the city! What’s more, the prices are really reasonable – at the cost of the décor, though. It’s not that it’s bad – it’s just secondary. Still, you come there for the food, right? So, expect to be pleased to the max, but don’t expect the place to be appropriate for a romantic evening. Another spot worth visiting – located in the vicinity, on Via degli Equi 58, is Uno e Bino – a typical Italian enoteca. The menu is dominated by Sicilian cuisine, with plenty of great seafood dishes, and the place alone enjoys a friendly atmosphere and pleasant finish. A good option for a tasty dinner – but be prepared to wait for your table if you come there later in the afternoon. And if you’re up for some pajata (calf’s intestines with its mother’s milk inside!), Pommidoro, located on Piazza de Sanniti 44, is the spot to go for. It’s quite popular among famous actors and writers, which may mean that such people are ardent meat-lovers, as the cuisine is centered, in fact, on meat.


After late afternoon in a restaurant head off to spend your early evening in one of the fantastic bars you will find in the area. For starters, head to Sally Brown on Via degli Etruschi 3; the thing which makes it easier to find – a detailed graffiti – is, surprisingly enough, better visible when the bar is closed and there is no official sign above the entrance. Still, the audible reggae rhythm will let you know you’re on the spot and as for the offer – the best choice is to go with a beer or two. Centro Sociale 32, in turn, is the perfect place to listen to some live music – if you’re into ska, hip-hop and – again – reggae. It is found in the heart of San Lorenzo, on Via dei Volsci 32 and enjoys a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. The last of the recommended bars is called Locanda Atlantide and you will find it on Via dei Lucani 22B. Actually, it is more of a transition between a bar and a music club/theatre, as you will be able to witness an occasional performance just often as a rock/jazz concert or a regular party. It is a great venue for a warm-up before you set off for some clubbing – the list of clubs to get to your night-out schedule is provided below.


There is a place called 360 and is located right next to the aforementioned Uno e Bino, on Via degli Equi 58. Finish your dinner and feel free to enter the club – it serves a relaxed atmosphere and two floors for different kind of socializing activities. The first floor is more of a café-type, offering a good setting for some small talk, while the lower floor is a welcoming dancefloor where you’d be able to catch a groove of the soulful, funky and rock’ n’ roll vibes served by local DJs or dance to the melodies played by live bands. Bebo Do Samba (Via de Messapi 8), in turn, is where you will be able to spend a very pleasant, relaxing evening with a good selection of wine and beer at the bar and sweet music played in the background by local bands. The interiors feature original paintings on the walls, which add up to the overall appeal of the place. A night out in San Lorenzo is not complete without a visit to Dimmi, located on Via del Volsci 126, in one of the most vibrant areas of the district. Its interiors are the essence of clubbing – huge dancefloor, big screen for music videos and an intimate lighting scheme create a perfect environment for a whole night of boogie. The club invites some really talented DJs and many live bands to make the offer appealing and diverse, but the best thing to do is to check out the club’s website (Italian only) to be up to date and see if the current programme fits your taste.