Top 5 Streets in Rome

Rome is known as the eternal city and brings millions of tourists to visit the city’s amazing sites every year. On your way to these sites, there are fabulous streets where you can eat, drink, or just simply, sit and admire, while you take your photo shoots. As the famous saying states, “All roads lead to Rome”, let us then find the top 5 streets inside the Eternal City.

Shopping in Rome

Rome, The Eternal City, is known for its magnificent archaeological sites, wonderful Italian food and its hip neighbourhoods. But Rome is also a fantastic city to shop ‘til drop. Milan might be known as the Italian capital of fashion but Rome has everything a traveller needs for a wonderful shopping trip, surrounded by charm, romance and history.

More about Shopping in Rome
The Rome Market Guide – Roma, città dei mercati!

A trip to the local market can be one of the best Roman experiences for visitors and tourists. Local markets are one of the greatest ways to connect to the local culture and observe and experience the everyday life of local residents. But it’s important that you join in the action – not just walk around and observe. Talk to the vendors, ask for the names of those fruits and vegetables you’ve never seen before. Buy some local artichokes and compliment the vendor on his produce! Get to know the city AND its people!