The most important thing for a true Italian-cuisine-oriented foodie? Pasta, and basta! If penne, tagliatelle, fusilli or farfalle is your thing, our selected list of must-visits is bound to help you make the most of your culinary adventure during your short stay in Rome.

Christmas in Rome

Central Italy’s sunny climate may not conjure images of the ice rinks and snow-covered streets that we’ve come to associate with the holiday season, but Rome is arguably the original city of Christmas, having celebrated the first recorded mass in 1300 AD. Today’s Rome hasn’t lost the spirit, and you’ll find a myriad of ways to celebrate the holidays in the Eternal City, from 3,000 nativity scenes to midnight mass with the Pope.

Top 5 Day Trips From Rome

Rome’s ever-bustling streets hold enough mystery and excitement to keep you as busy as you’d like to be, but on your next trip to the Eternal City try to make time for a day trip or two. From volcanoes to pristine beaches, from hilltop cathedrals to rustic palatial gardens, you’ll be surprised where you can go in a day.

Trastevere Area, Rome – A delightful neighbourhood which oozes character, charm and energy

Positioned upon the west bank of the River Tiber and to the south of the Vatican City is Rome’s charming Trastevere area, a neighbourhood renowned for its authenticity and lively atmosphere. Amongst the narrow streets and medieval houses, you will find an impressive array of must see sights and attractions, all of which are definitely worthy of a visit.

Top 5 Views in Rome

Rome was founded on a hill, as legend has it, and it’s kept up its heritage well throughout the years. The ancient city encompasses seven hills but the modern city has expanded to include many more, and man-made structures have further added to the city’s wealth of panoramas. From the tranquil heights of Monte Mario to the cupola of St. Peter’s, here’s our top 5 list of breathtaking views in Rome:

Where the Party’s At: Summer Events in Rome

Rome is Italy’s most populous city and arguably the origin of civilization as we know it. As you might expect, the city still celebrates an impressive bouquet of holidays and festivals. While visiting Rome you’ll want to embrace the unexpected (keep your eyes, ears, and nose open at all times) but here are a few things you might stumble upon while negotiating the cobblestones this summer.

Visit Galleria Borghese – One of the best small museums in the world

Located north-east of Rome’s city centre Galleria Borghese is a popular attraction amongst tourists and one of the top attractions during a short stay in the city. See famous works by the likes of Bernini, Carvaggio and Titian as you spend two hours touring the gallery. The Borghese Gallery is a great outing for all, even if you’re not an art lover.

Rome’s largest yet often over-looked public park, Villa Doria Pamphili, contains a stunning, mid- 17th century palace surrounded by garden mazes, jogging trails, fabulous fountains, a superb grotto and pine lined views of Rome from atop the Janiculum hill. Staying near here readily balances urban outings with Rome’s more tranquil, rustic side.

Biking in Rome – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Rome certainly doesn’t have the reputation of a cyclist’s paradise, but don’t believe the hype—the Eternal City actually offers plenty of advantages for two-wheeled tourists. If you ride smart and stay safe you’ll find that cycling is the fastest and funnest way to get around Rome.