Rediscover antiquity – top 5 oldest historical sites of Rome

What is history? Well, one of the most correct answers would be ‘Rome is history’. Indeed, the capital of Italy earned its name of the Eternal City because there’s a piece of history in every nook and cranny of this magical place, despite all the transformations that have occurred over time. Below is a list of 5 top less-popular ‘survivors of the past’, still available to see once you’re there for even a short stay in Rome.

Hand-made only! 5 must-see sculptures of Rome

Since Roman sculptures bear a close resemblance to those by ancient Greeks, their aesthetic and artistic qualities are considered indisputable and unsurpassable. After all, after so many centuries they still fail to amaze, leaving visitors of the Eternal City breathless, inspired and craving for more.

Vatican – a trip to the place where religion meets fine(st) arts

The City of Vatican is no doubt a special item on the sightseeing schedule of any visitor to Rome. It is where Christian tradition surviving to date gets mixed with the vision and craftsmanship of nonpareil artists from the past, the outcome of what is admired by thousands of people each year. The magnitude and splendor of this place inspires awe and adoration at the same time and each piece of this intricate puzzle is just as impressive on its own as it is as a component of the bigger picture. The stimulating gardens, the remarkable museums and the majestic basilicas and chapels – including the ever-impressive Sistine Chapel – are what makes a trip to Rome, in fact, complete.

Top 5 Streets in Rome

Rome is known as the eternal city and brings millions of tourists to visit the city’s amazing sites every year. On your way to these sites, there are fabulous streets where you can eat, drink, or just simply, sit and admire, while you take your photo shoots. As the famous saying states, “All roads lead to Rome”, let us then find the top 5 streets inside the Eternal City.

Rome Museums – The perfect way to discover Rome’s past and present

Brimming with fascinating history, impressive architecture and a wealth of art and culture, Rome is a city that is just waiting to be explored. The city’s fabulous collection of numerous museums, which range from the impressive National Rome Museum to the fantastic National Gallery of Modern Art, allows visitors the opportunity to explore Rome’s effortless blend of the past and the present day.

Castel Sant’Angelo – Angels and Demons

A must see for military and history enthusiasts and especially for fans of Dan Brown or even Assassin’s Creed, the monumental Castel Sant’Angelo towers above the Tiber River in Rome’s ancient core, offering visitors a fascinating insight into the capital’s opulent heritage.

Otherwise known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian in reference to its original function, this cylindrical landmark has enjoyed a rich and colourful past spanning almost 2,000 years and still remains an integral and worthwhile attraction amidst a city bursting with treasures.

The Down-low on the High Up: Rome’s Monte Mario

You won’t see snowcapped peaks towering above the Eternal City, but its foundation is anything but flat. The highest point in Rome is at the top of Monte Mario, which is Northwest of the center and can be easily reached on foot from Vatican City or by public transit. It’s the perfect place to find some peace and quiet above the city, grab some grub or some grappa, and enjoy the view.

A visit to the Spooky Capuchin Crypt – Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins

Via Veneto’s macabre church, Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins, purposes a lasting meditation on death. Among the city’s ruins, reliquaries, crypts or catacombs, this place may prove to be the most potent momento mori in Rome. Here one finds the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin monks re-assembled as elaborate interior ornaments. In stark contrast to the Veneto’s glamorous reputation as a celebrity playground of smart, spacious cafes, this unforgettable Capuchin church reminds us, rather, to live more with the inevitable in mind.

Beyond the Sistine Chapel: Contemporary Art in Rome

It’s been a while since Leonardo, Michelangelo and other legendary Ninja Turtles were swinging their brushes in Italy, but the art scene is very much alive and well in Rome. If you’re an art aficionado, shopping for a high-end souvenir, or just cruising for open-bar gallery parties, you’ll need to know where to start.

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