The Eternal Business of Rome – Industry and Business

Rome, the capital of Italy, and a major city in the European scene, has a hand full of sectors which powers up its economy. From Tourism, the entry point of the economy, to industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, or to the beauty of Fashion, the Eternal City is a true tiger in economic terms. Let us find out what moves the Seven Hills.

Gigantic History – Circus Maximus

Come base a short stay in Rome’s ancient city, near the Circus Maximus, and be set for some lasting, relaxing memories of its founding features. This prime area is deeply influential history and relaxing scenes among monuments of that past. In addition to a concentration of serene surroundings, Circus Maximus is a place to rest, to play and to center you in ancient and in modern Rome.

Living in the youthful neighbourhood of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, a youthful neighborhood south east of Stazione Termini, yields up street art, working class values, a farmer’s market, quirky record shops, hip boutiques, delicious food and a strong night life. Here one finds a well-connected, spirited enclave suited for a week’s stay in one of Rome’s most artistically active settings.

The Down-low on the High Up: Rome’s Monte Mario

You won’t see snowcapped peaks towering above the Eternal City, but its foundation is anything but flat. The highest point in Rome is at the top of Monte Mario, which is Northwest of the center and can be easily reached on foot from Vatican City or by public transit. It’s the perfect place to find some peace and quiet above the city, grab some grub or some grappa, and enjoy the view.

All roads lead to Rome – the gay ones too!

Despite Italy’s reputation as a homophobic country which indeed is true in many ways, Rome does have something to offer to LGBT visitors besides its museums and cultural venues. The local scene is relatively small when compared to other capital cities, but still very vibrant and most importantly - on the rise!

EUR – Rome’s Future City and the Sea Life Centre

Take a cultural side track into one of Rome's lesser known areas; explore a neighborhood built in the 1940s as a model for the Rome of the future. EUR is an architectural masterpiece built in marble and stone hosting the museum of Roman civilization and brand new aquarium Sea Life opening summer 2013.

Rome, the Eternal City, is a place of astonishing landmarks, but also a city with remarkable history. Besides the glorious moments of the Roman Empire, in modern Italy, there is an event that marks the love to the nation of every Italian: the Republic Day, on June 2nd. In this day, 67 years ago, Italians had chosen Republic over Monarchy by universal suffrage. Since then, the day is marked for celebration in the Eternal city. Let us see what is going on this day!

A visit to the Spooky Capuchin Crypt – Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins

Via Veneto’s macabre church, Santa Maria della Concezione dei Capuchins, purposes a lasting meditation on death. Among the city’s ruins, reliquaries, crypts or catacombs, this place may prove to be the most potent momento mori in Rome. Here one finds the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin monks re-assembled as elaborate interior ornaments. In stark contrast to the Veneto’s glamorous reputation as a celebrity playground of smart, spacious cafes, this unforgettable Capuchin church reminds us, rather, to live more with the inevitable in mind.